Premium Visit – Caminito del Rey

The “Caminito” is a walkway, fixed to the interior wall of a gorge, built at a height of
over one hundred meters, in some places, which was constructed at the beginning of
the XX century. This engineering feat is situated in the municipalities of Alora,
Antequera and Ardales in the province of Malaga.

The walkway, built on the nearvertical rock face above the river, has stretches of pathway which are less than a metrewide. As you near the end of this awe-inspiring walkway you come to a breathtaking suspension bridge, which is definitely the cherry on the cake, to get from one side of the gorge to the other.


  • Ticket to the “Caminito del Rey”
  • Spanish and English speaking Caminito Travel Guide
  • Fully covered liability insurance for this type of activity
  • Full refund should the tour be cancelled due to inclement weather
  • Refreshment at the end of the trip


Approximately 3 hours.

Días de apertura

De martes a domingo.

Distancia del recorrido

7.7 km, de los cuales 4.5 son de accesos y 3.2 de puerta a puerta de las pasarelas.

¿Qué nos vamos a encontrar?

El Caminito del Rey se encuentra dentro de un hermoso Paraje Natural, que lo hace tremendamente bello y atractivo. Es una infraestructura rehabilitada para poder disfrutar de una actividad de turismo activo, actividad que se desarrolla en un medio natural.

Por tanto, le es inherente el factor riesgo y/o un cierto grado de esfuerzo físico, aunque los visitantes no estarán arriesgando sus vidas (nada más lejos de la realidad).

Es una actividad que no dejará a nadie indiferente.

The natural park “Desfiladero de los Gaitanes” ( Gaitanes Gorge) is located in the centre of the Malaga province, between the municipalities of Álora, Ardales and Antequera. It is one of the most spectacular landscapes within the Malaga mountain rangem, with steep walls of considerable height, among which the river Guadalhorce runs after passing through the reservoirs of El Chorro, Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo.

From Malaga (by road):

On leaving Malaga take the A-357 towards the MA-444 which passes the villages of Cartama, Pizarra, Carratraca and Ardales. This route is 59.1km long and is a 50minute drive. From Pizzara you could also take the road to Álora and from there go on to El Chorro via the A-343. This route is about the same distance although the road is considerably narrower and has more bends and therefore you will take a while longer to get there.


Take the MA-5403 to El Chorro where you can either leave your vehicle in the car park next to the campsite el chorro and take the shuttle bus to the North entrance ( first bus at 09.00,
1.55€ p.p.). The other option is to continue on the MA-5403 till you reach the car park on the banks of the Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir next to the Kiosko restaurant.

From Antequera:

From most parts of Andalusia situated north of the Caminito del Rey, your best option is to reach Antequera and from there you have two routes.

1. Head towards Campillos on the A-384 to El Chorro reservoirs ( A-357 and MA-451) to Ardales. 55km and it should take around 54minutes.

2. Take the A-343 to Valle de Abdalajís and from there the MA-226 to El CHorro. Although this route ia shorter (34km and only a 45minute drive) the roads on this route are in considerably poor condition.

How will I find my guide?

The meeting point with the guides is the Restaurant El Kiosko (North Access), next to the Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir.

Our guides will be dressed in black trousers, red vest which will have the Aloratur logo.
We recommend that you use Google Maps to get to the El Kiosko Restaurant. In the area there are several parking places: a private car park and the edge of the reservoir.From there you must walk about 200metres to the meeting point.

Where can I park?

The North Acces of the Caminito del Rey has several parking options. There is a private car park which costs 2€ for the day.

Likewise the entire edge of the reservoir can be used for parking at no cost.

If I have left my car at the North Access of the Caminito del Rey, how do I return to it at the end of my trip?

There are shuttle buses from the South Access ( bus stop next to El Chorro train staion), to the North area. The station is 300 metres from the exit. The price is 1.55€ per person.

Is the walk one way only or can I return by the same path?

The walkway is one way, from the North (Gaitanejo reservoir)to the exit in El Chorro (Álora). You cannot return by the same path.

How many kilometers is the Caminito del Rey?

The route is 7.7km of which approximately 1.5km are the walk to the entrance and control, 3.2km are the Caminito del Rey walkway and the remaining 2km are the walk to the exit in El Chorro.

What is the minimum age required to visit the Caminito del Rey?

From 8 years old. Children may be asked for proof of age (passport, family book etc.)at the entrance.

Can selfie-sticks, crutches or walking sticks be used during the tour?

For security reasons they are not allowed.

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